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About BT Builders

No matter the size of your project, our promise is to work hard throughout the design, build and completion phases yielding a result that is uniquely yours. Our goal is to turn collaborative ideas into your reality.


Our Process

We believe that your home is a sacred place where those you love most dwell and visitors are warmly welcomed. Your home is an extension of your family’s personality, style and even your ideals. As we design and construct alongside you, our hope is that together we will create a home that accurately reflects your family’s distinct needs and desires.


Preconstruction Planning

We'll meet to have an initial conversation about the vision, goals and budget for your home. This free consultation allows you to explore our process and decide if you're ready to build.


Design & Construction Estimate

We'll work through preliminary plans, a site review, design features, a timetable and the cost estimates. After this, a complete set of construction plans will be designed.

Construction Execution

When we finalize costs, construction will begin. We'll schedule building and design meetings during this time to make selections, keep you informed on progress, discuss timelines and help you visualize your home during each stage


The Finishing


We'll schedule the owner walk-through to receive your final approval of the completed home. Your post-construction warranty will begin.

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